“Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed” 2 Timothy 2:15

Cornerstone Bible Fellowship is excited to offer AWANA clubs for ages 2 years old through 12th grade. Awana is a program designed to help churches and parents work together to develop spiritually strong children and youth who faithfully follow Jesus Christ. Our programs offer a proven approach for evangelizing and discipling kids in the church and community.

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Dates: Tuesday nights, starting Sept. 25, 2012
Times: 6:45pm-8:15pm
Below is a list and description of each of the classes.

Puggles, 2 – 3 year olds

Awana Puggles is an exciting program for your tots between the ages of 2 and 3-years olds that presents basic biblical concepts:

• We are a unique creation of God.

• God loves us very much.

With guidebooks, teaching cards, activities and music, leaders teach your toddler these simple lessons.

Parents are a Puggle’s best teacher and through the AWANA program parents are given the materials needed to reinforce the lessons with take-home cards and ideas that demonstrate God’s work each day. This is a club that plants seeds of faith where toddlers can explore God’s Word!

Cubbies, Preschool – PreK

The Awana club for preschoolers is built on two premises:
• Young children can and should receive spiritual training.
• Home is the primary place for spiritual training.
Our preschool program meets these needs through fun – and lots of it!

Awana is fun with a purpose – to reach and train kids for Jesus Christ. Games, puppets, crafts, awards and other activities transform our preschool program into a lively weekly experience where fun and learning go hand in hand.

Sparks, K – 2nd grade

Sparks® study firmly-grounded, Scriptural curriculum that takes children a step deeper into God’s Word. Providing a solid foundational teaching that allows boys and girls to come to an understanding of their need to trust Christ as their personal Savior.

The three handbooks feature:
• Basic truths about God, Jesus Christ, salvation and the Bible
• A clear and consistent presentation of the gospel message
• An increased emphasis on Scripture memory. In three years, a child will learn and review over 65 verses, many of which cover salvation and key Christian doctrine, establishing a foundation of biblical wisdom.

Sparks club meetings combine learning with fun to create an atmosphere of irresistible excitement for churched and unchurched kids alike. Club meetings are divided into three segments:
• Bible teaching, worship, award presentations and the gospel message
• Small group interaction and completion of Bible-based lessons
• Age-appropriate games on the Awana game circle

Truth & Training, 3rd – 6th grade

The name Truth & Training teaches the truth of God’s Word and trains youth to follow Christ in their daily lives. T&T is the program that trains the leaders of tomorrow — today.

T&T is equipped with a variety of dynamic tools to accomplish this mission:
• Weekly meetings that expose children to the gospel message, Scripture memory, Bible study, awards, team-oriented games and gut-busting fun
• A Bible-centered curriculum that helps kids build a firm foundation for their faith, hide God’s Word in their heart and apply the truths of Scripture to their daily lives

By the time a child has completed T&T, he will have:
• Learned and reviewed approximately 310 verses
• Studied dozens of passages from the Old and New Testament
• Regularly heard and read the gospel message
• Discovered the Bible’s response to questions like “How does God want me to live my life?” and memorized verses to back up these answers
• Completed missions projects that help him see the world through God’s eyes.

Trek, Middle School

During the turbulent years of middle school, the Trek three book series guides kids.

The books focus on how to respond to God’s faithfulness by studying key figures from the Bible. They will study Genesis through Revelation and learn how to deal with the trials, temptations, and tough times of the Christian life.

Journey, High School

Our high-school program, Journey, features an energetic look, biblically-based content, life application and an emphasis on Scripture memory.